My First Online Lesson… (a little overdue)

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Oh my! I was very nervous about doing my first online lesson. As part of being a “newbie” teacher at SkimaTalk I have to do some ‘Free Sessions’. My first session was on a Thursday afternoon; it did not start of very well. I was waiting for a colleague at work to complete some work. I decided that it would be a good time for the session to happen. I was moved twice and I finally found a place where it was quiet and I could conduct the lesson.

My student was from Japan; I completely forgot about the large time difference. The lesson was at 3.30pm GMT, which was 12.30am in Japan. No wonder he looked so tired. I calmed down about halfway through the lesson; because I was moved out of two rooms before. As it was a first lesson; I asked him what he wanted to practice. His English was very good and I did not need to do much correction with him. I have been unable to post anymore sessions at SkimaTalk as I have had no laptop. However; it is all better now and the lessons can begin once again!

I am glad that I have joined SkimaTalk; I just hope that my laptop does not break again or that I am moved from “my classroom”!

3 thoughts on “My First Online Lesson… (a little overdue)

  1. Hi, I’ve recently joined skima too. Haven’t had success in getting a lesson yet, any advice? How soon before the class did you book it?

    • As newbies we have to do “free lessons” – I just put up three times in a day; I think that the student I had was just looking for a free lesson.

      • I’ll have to set a day aside and just book in lots of lessons hoping I attract one student! Got your next one booked?

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