What a week! Not just a holiday!


What a week I have had this week! On Friday; before we broke for the holiday, I had a chat with a Senior Support Worker about what was happening with myself and my job. She has reassured me that all is okay and that the meeting dates at currently being planned. However, this consultation had been going on for almost two years now and it may look like there is not much happening. There is a lot happening; this is what the corporate statement is stating. But none of the people involved still do not know anything. This is worrying me now. I will have to find a job for six months before I head out on the internship (the internship I still haven’t decided on yet!). I have been thinking about applying to the local supermarkets and coffee shops just to keep me afloat as the redundancy money will be spent on the internship and the flights. I will still need to pay rent while I am still living with my mother.

During this Spring Back Holiday/Whitsun Holiday, I received my meeting letter and how much they are going to give me. Sadly this was not what was originally to be. I will be asking MANY questions on Tuesday. I would really like to know what is happening; I want to get excited about moving abroad and teaching there! I have been doing my TEFL training for so long now, I want to start the next chapter in my life.