TEFL TV – happy bunny? Possibly!

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While waiting for a meeting with my head of department this morning; I thought that I would cheer myself up by watching some of the videos that I received as part of the TEFL TV videos from i-to-I TEFL. I am such a happy bunny that I got these videos as I would that I am able to watch them whenever or wherever I want. I would love to be able to have them on my iPod; I will need to experiment and see if that is possible. It would be good to be able to watch them while on the plane while I travel. I love using Public Transport; I know that it is sometimes the best way to get around places. However; it is not cheap in many places.

When I downloaded the videos I put them into different sections – Games & Activities, Grammar, Listening, Personal Development, Pronunciation, Reading, Speaking, Teaching Techniques, Vocabulary and Writing. Each video is only a few minutes long; but I feel that they are invaluable for any TEFL teacher. I have used some of the techniques and lesson examples when I have been working with my current students. I do love the videos; the teachers that are conducting the ‘lessons’ make me feel that I could do the same. I wonder if that is the whole idea of the videos; to give a newbie TEFL teacher, like myself the confidence to carry out English lessons. I do believe in myself that I will teach at the same level as them.

I was hoping that watching the videos would keep my in a positive mind and I would be relaxed during the meeting; however, this was not the case. I was offered some money; but it was not as much as it was predicted. We were told that this may be the case; but my offer was must lower than predicted. I have asked my manager to ask why it is so low and to get back to me. The meeting was concluded within fifteen minutes as I had to make a decision on if I was going to accept the offer or not during the meeting. As the offer was not as high as I wished; I declined the offer – concluding the meeting. Now; I am sitting in my workplace during my lunch break feeling all down and a little depressed. I should really be eating my lunch but I do not feel like eating.

The videos did cheer me up; but after leaving the meeting a feeling all down in the dumps. I need to stay positive and keep smiling. I know that seeing the faces of the children after they have been out to play and eating their lunch will make me happy again. It has been over a week since I last saw them.

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