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I have been contacted by Monica from New Life ESL; as I stated in my last post and I have been researching how much the Visa procedure and about the price for the Medical exam from the Doctors. I really need to find a time where Monica and I can talk. I have also been contacted by Derrick; another member of the New Life ESL team and I have let him know about being contacted by Monica.

I have been thinking about Visas a lot since my second interview with Star Teachers and I was shocked about the price for the Visa. I looked on many websites where I can apply for the Visa. The sites were:

  • Chinese Visa Direct; they multi entry (which is what I will possible need; as I want to pop over to Hong Kong) price is £255.
  • The Chinese Embassy here in the UK; their price is £180. The actual service is with Visa For China; but the website did not load properly. I will keep trying to see how that goes.
  • Visa For state that there multi entry visa is £308. However, that is for the Express Visa Fee. The Regular price is £171.
  • There is another site called Visa HQ which I also looked at and their visa price is £131.19 however; that is only for a single entry and is for 90 days.

I do not know which one to choose; I prefer to choose the cheapest one – will it be the right choice though? I am wondering if i-to-i TEFL would know who I could choose. Or who they would recommend?

Are they anyone who has or is dealing with any of the Visa Application Centres? which one do you think I can use?

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  1. Hey Jemma,

    We have had a lot of experience dealing with Chinese visas. Few comments…

    – firstly, just because you want a multi-entry visa doesn’t mean they will grant one. On three separate occasions I have applied for a multi-entry visa but never been granted one. Once you get your work residency though (check the job will offer this) it won’t matter as you will be able to travel to Hong Kong (this is the case with teachers in our school).

    – secondly, I would highly recommend the Chinese Embassy service in the UK (I’ve dealt with London & Manchester before) as they are very efficient and least likely to give you the wrong visa (which if they do you may need to pay to change).

    – thirdly, it is illegal to work on a tourist visa so you need to either get the correct visa before you arrive in China or if you come over on a tourist visa your school will send you to Hong Kong anyway to get another work visa anyway. One teacher at our school was charged a further 1200 RMB (around £120). If you are on an internship you will most likely be given an X2 visa which is a student visa and again has a lot of restrictions. If you break these conditions you will need to leave immediately so just double check who you are working for and what kind of visa you need.

    If you have any specific questions then feel free to contact us as we have a fair few contacts on differing visas so we will know someone in your situation.

    Claire & Anthony

    ToLoveToLive W: E: T: @tolovetolive I: F:


    • Thanks for the heads up guys; I’ll be checking with every company about Visas – I just want to get myself all prepared!

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