The situation has changed!

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I am absolutely devastated. My TEFLing adventures will not be starting for another nine months at the earliest. I had been offered two jobs. One did not come with accommodation, so I turned it down straight away. However, the offer from American Eagle Institute had accommodation. It was a fantastic position but due the current financial situation I an I had to decline. My heart broke as i felt that I would have got on really well there. I was also contacted my a friend of a (former, as of last night) work colleague, who os in Thailand looking for teachers. It is truly not what you know but who you know.

I have saved over £600 for my TEFL adventures, but the arrival of a nephew and my deciding to break on me (for the car nuts, front suspension springs and exhaust went within two weeks of each) and was viable that I kept it working as it was during the last two week of the academic year.

I tossed and turned making a decision on fixing the car and being able to use it for Guide camp (which starts on the 2nd August) or scrapping the car and starting my TEFL adventures early. I did not go with the latter.

Instead, I will complete all the modules left that I have not already done. I will do more sessions at SkimaTalk and save my pennies once again. I will continue to look for jobs that are starting September 2016. I will also continue to blog about my TEFLing adventures, its ups and downs.

Onto the next chapter…

2 thoughts on “The situation has changed!

  1. have you thought of kickstarter or other crowdfunding page? maybe we all can help you out! 🙂

    • I did not know that I could use them to fund my travelling Lina; I will look into it. Thanks hun!

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