What has COVID done to me?


You may have noticed that I have not done much blogging (or even teaching!) since March 2020! I know that my last post was dated May 15th. However, I have been working! I am still working within the British educational sector as a Support Worker for the Deaf, but I have had to change companies. My contract ended at the end of May – I was lucky enough to find a job the day the contract was ended! I cannot believe that I have been with this new company, for over one year!

In spite of that; I am not really happy! I am having to travel over 30 miles; which is approximately one hour from my current home; so, 60 miles and two hours a day! That’s over 300 miles and 10 hours a week driving! Many weeks were spent at home and I continued to do my research about EF English First and I was recommended to apply to Magic Ears – I started the process and I am going to complete my Demo Lesson very soon!

Sadly, 2020 and 2021 has not been the best for me! I have had a death within the family and my grandfather is terminal ill. He has been one of the reasons why I was able to teach in another country. Due to the “world imploded” – this is what I am calling the Pandemic – I have come to conclusion that I need to do something for me and me alone! I have become very stressed and I am starting to be ill myself; a change is needed!

How has the Pandemic affected you?

Until the next time…