MASSIVE update…


I cannot believe that I have posted anything since August 13th. I feel so bad! So many things have happened and changed! Since my situation had changed, I have attended a local Girl Guide camp and fell for Teaching in Malaysia.

Anyway; back to my MASSIVE update! Since all the problems with my current job (yes I am still working in a school), I am still planning on going abroad September/October 2016. I have AirMiles (okay, okay they are called Avios now!) that I can use! I have signed to collect more by doing surveys for Avios. It only takes up a little bit of time each day! I am aiming for the Thailand Internship. I feel that I will enjoy it better than China; I can always head over to China after the five months?!

However; I have decided to go and visit my “family” in America for a few weeks – I know that I will use some of my points but as it is getting closer to Christmas (I cannot believe that I just said the C-word!!) I am hoping the “Santa and family” will give my US Dollars or even buy my some Avios. I have volunteered myself for a camp while I am in the USA. It will be good to see the camp from the “working” side as the last two times I have attended the camp I was a participant. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing them all again! I am excited about using my American Sign Language at the SIGNS restaurant in Canada.

As well as my job stressing me out; I have been trying to keep myself relaxed by crafting a lot more. Handmade Crafts & Cards has been doing better than I expected. At work; I have been working with one of my students who is originally from Albania, who happens to be Deaf. In theory, she is Tri-lingual! British Sign Language, Albanian and English. Her English is the thing that is suffering as she does not use it enough. I have been using the English Banana Elementary course; which I love! However; last week I was pulled off timetable to support another student and now she is suffering. I am still giving her homework though; I just hope that all is okay with her.

I am currently undertaking the Advanced Grammar TEFL Certificate; the last module I can do with I-to-I TEFL. I have also been listening to The Budget Minded Traveler; Jackie is an amazing blogger and she also does a Podcast. I have been listening to it during my commute to work. I am a little behind as Jackie has been producing the Podcast since 2014. I am loving her tips and hints and I have been inspired to save my pennies much more than I am!

I have written my reviews of my Teaching in Italy and Teaching in Vietnam modules. I will be posting them soon.

The situation has changed!

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I am absolutely devastated. My TEFLing adventures will not be starting for another nine months at the earliest. I had been offered two jobs. One did not come with accommodation, so I turned it down straight away. However, the offer from American Eagle Institute had accommodation. It was a fantastic position but due the current financial situation I an I had to decline. My heart broke as i felt that I would have got on really well there. I was also contacted my a friend of a (former, as of last night) work colleague, who os in Thailand looking for teachers. It is truly not what you know but who you know.

I have saved over £600 for my TEFL adventures, but the arrival of a nephew and my deciding to break on me (for the car nuts, front suspension springs and exhaust went within two weeks of each) and was viable that I kept it working as it was during the last two week of the academic year.

I tossed and turned making a decision on fixing the car and being able to use it for Guide camp (which starts on the 2nd August) or scrapping the car and starting my TEFL adventures early. I did not go with the latter.

Instead, I will complete all the modules left that I have not already done. I will do more sessions at SkimaTalk and save my pennies once again. I will continue to look for jobs that are starting September 2016. I will also continue to blog about my TEFLing adventures, its ups and downs.

Onto the next chapter…

What a week! Not just a holiday!


What a week I have had this week! On Friday; before we broke for the holiday, I had a chat with a Senior Support Worker about what was happening with myself and my job. She has reassured me that all is okay and that the meeting dates at currently being planned. However, this consultation had been going on for almost two years now and it may look like there is not much happening. There is a lot happening; this is what the corporate statement is stating. But none of the people involved still do not know anything. This is worrying me now. I will have to find a job for six months before I head out on the internship (the internship I still haven’t decided on yet!). I have been thinking about applying to the local supermarkets and coffee shops just to keep me afloat as the redundancy money will be spent on the internship and the flights. I will still need to pay rent while I am still living with my mother.

During this Spring Back Holiday/Whitsun Holiday, I received my meeting letter and how much they are going to give me. Sadly this was not what was originally to be. I will be asking MANY questions on Tuesday. I would really like to know what is happening; I want to get excited about moving abroad and teaching there! I have been doing my TEFL training for so long now, I want to start the next chapter in my life.

Life Update! I’ve got some good news!

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Yes! Everyone it is true! I have had some good news about my current job here in the UK. As you may all know; I volunteered to be made redundant from my job with the local County Council and I have now been told that it has been accepting. After Half Term; which is only two weeks away, I will be having a meeting to discuss the payment and what the next stages is. I have also been discussing the matter with some of my work colleagues about the payment – will it be taxed on and will we still get paid until the end of August? I have found out that it will not be taxed and I will still be paid until August 31. This is fantastic news for me; as this is the last booking date for the Thailand Internship with i-to-i TEFL. I could pay some of the deposit and then pay the rest of the payment on the 31st – this is hoping I will receive the payment on (or even before) this date. I will find more about when I should get the money at my meeting after the holiday.

Josh is now my Advisor at i-to-i; lovely lad and very helpful. I have been in contact with him about the Internships. I know that I will miss the closing dates for China and Vietnam due to the confusion and the completion of the re-shuffle. I have asked Josh, how much the internship fee would be for me; as you all know I have completed over 155 hours of TEFL training. I have worked out that it will be around £850, but that does not include my flights. I just hope that I can get a place and pay for it all by August 31st. At this time; I can only apply for the Internship in Thailand *waves at Kylie*; but if I miss the dates for the late 2015 internships, I can apply for the early 2016 internships would leave the UK around February time.

I have been doing a lot of “Spring Cleaning” and starting to throw and sell items I do not want nor need anymore. I have items on my selling websites and I am going to be going to weekly Car Boot sales where I live! My craft items are also becoming more popular!

I am feeling very positive at the moment; I just hope that I will stay that way! I’ll keep you all posted!

TEFL Things that are making me smile…


Over the last few weeks; I have been collecting images, posters and articles that I can use for my TEFL adventures. I thought that I would share them with you all:


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I saw this on my Instagram feed...

I saw this on my Instagram feed…

I found this quote on Twitter...

I found this quote on Twitter…

An interesting quote with information I did not know; you're learning everyday!

An interesting quote with information I did not know; you’re learning everyday!

A list of things to remember!

A list of things to remember!

2014 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Pretty clever right?! I thought that I would share it with you all as my first post of 2015

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Holidays are now over…


Today is the 27th December and most of the celebrations are over. I have been spending time with my family; but tonight I am back off to work…well, my part time job that it. As you all know I had an interview with Speed School of English in Poland. I wait for twenty minutes on Monday for Natalie to contact me about the position. We were going to discuss about a start date etc; however, I decided that one month would not be enough time to organise everything here. I have enough money to pay for a flight etc but I have to sort my Guide unit out. As I cannot really leave the girls half way through the year.

I am starting to regret not accepting the position in Poland but I am now more determined to remember everything and to improve my interview skills. I am going to finish the modules I have got to do with i-to-i TEFL – I have passed the Teaching Business English module though; I passed it before Christmas. I need to got everything sorted!

I have been in contact with a company called Flying Cows; which is a company that places people in Korea. I have been missing calls from Amanda, the founder and I now have her email address. There are many questions about the placementing. I will keep you all posted about that.

However; I am going to get back in contact with IC Bilbao in the New Year and see if I can start there in September. I really don’t know what do at the moment; any ideas are welcome!!