Zero to Hero – Day 27: Build On the Popular

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Today’s assignment: find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post.

I was hoping that a post that would involve my Stats would come up soon; as I have been watching my Stats closely. I love to know what people have said, what they have looked at and where they are from.

I think the technology of the Stats is epic, as I feel that it brings me closer to my readers. Does anyone find that?

Here are what I have seen (Please note that these images were taken yesterday)

Averages per Day

From this I am guessing that on average I get 16 views a day; which I would love to increase

Months & Years

Also since starting Zero to Hero my visitors has increased LOADS! I wonder how many visitors I will have on my “Blog-anniversary” in August…

The most visited post; other than my “Home Page” it was my entry for Ailsa’s Travel Theme – Close Up…I am definitely continue doing these themes! Very creative! This post had 13 views in the last SEVEN days!

After reading this, I decided to look at the “all time” stats for the most visited post…which was:

Home Page had 483 visits and About Me with 99 visits and my Liebster Award Entry had 32 visits!

I LOVE stats!!!