Struggling once again…

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Now I remember why I found the first Grammar course hard; as what I see as “errors” in the text given to me to not “errors” seen by the Tutor. This saddens me a little.

Has anyone else who has completed the Advanced Grammar Course had problems with the course? I am on the final part of the course; the checkpoint and I have already done one attempt (we are given only three attempts!)


You will complete an error analysis of a student’s piece of writing.

Assessment criteria

  • All task requirements are met
  • Twelve errors are identified.
  • All twelve corrected forms are accurate.
  • Rules are described with sufficient accuracy.

Task instructions

Read the following text written by an advanced student of English. It contains fifteen grammatical errors. All the errors reflect rules you’ve studied in the Advanced Grammar course.

This is the start of the Checkpoint; simple enough right?

Mobile Devices and Language Learning

Most young people use the mobile phones in their everyday lives, and now they want using them to learn English.

Do we can learn that way? I think we can learn that way.

There are many uses of mobile phones technology which can help us improving our English.

Some learners use them to look up and translate words, that they see. This is much more convenient than carrying dictionary around with you.

Some learners record English on the street so that they listen to the recording later. Because they can replay it to understand every word.

Other learners enjoy to use mobiles to practise reading and listening, or even to connect with other English users and practise communicating. They ask other students where can they find the best sites for this.

Some teachers think that mobile phones are a distraction, and so do not let students to bring them to class. I ask them to stop thinking: mobiles can be a great way of practising English. Students will love English because of love technology.

This is the text; there are TWELVE errors; the feedback from the Tutor says that out of the twelve I found two are incorrect. *sad face* Also two of the suggested corrections for two items are not accurate.

There are to parts to the question; finding the errors and correcting them is the first part of stating the rules of six of the twelve errors. The tutor stated that all six of the rules I stated were incorrect.

Anyone willing to help me out here?! I don’t want to waste £50 for extending and £35 on the module!

Super excited – there are more courses!!!


After the completed my Teaching English Online course; i-to-i have brought out another three courses – Teaching in Vietnam, Teaching in Poland and Teaching in Italy. Each of the courses are only 5 hours and £11.00 each! Fantastic is all I can say. I have never thought about teaching in Italy. I really need to add these courses to my TEFL repertoire – I believe that the more I have learn the more I can give. Do you all agree?

This weekend I am attending a TEFL Recruitment event in London that has been organised by I very excited about going. I have printed off copies of my up to date CV ready to give off to any potential recruiters and I have got all my lunch ready and sorted. I am going to be going down by train. It is not far from my house to London. It will be the first time I have ever attended this type of event. I will keep you all posted. I am looking forward to it; I am wondering what is going to happen there. I am ready whatever will happy. I am positive!