CV Advice?!


I have posted my CV onto my profile on the Jobs Board…I am a little nervous!

I am wondering what people have put on their CVs – I have the “traditional” CV but I have added my TEFL qualification at the top, above my degree. Currently I do not have any experience of TEFL…do you think that my experience working in the Education sector be good enough as evidence?

Is there a company or person who could check if our CVs are correct?

Trying Some New Things…


I have been away in Lanzarote with my mum for the British Half Term week; the weather was not hat we expected. Winter Sun was what we truly wanted; sadly there was not much of it. It was particularly windy. The island is very pretty but instead of thinking “I wonder what that is in Spanish Sign Language” I have been thinking “I wonder how many English Schools are on the island”

I have only seen one advert “Arena’s Saturday School”, it was on the back of one of the buses that mum and I have walked pasted since we arrived on the island. I have not had any internet access; well there has been some just I was not happy about the access – the brochure stated “free wifi in the lobby” but it was all “PAYG” – not best pleased was I!!

I will need to research “Arena’s Saturday School” as I like the island just not the weather that mum and I have seen over the last week. We spoke to a rather dashing young man at a local cafe – m’es igual – it was a snack/tapas bar really – he said that it was the worst February that the island has had in FOUR YEARS! Such our luck; right?! “Come back in the summer” he said; I was very nice! I wish I had a photos of him now to show you all. The bar is on Facebook, I will have a look and see if there are any pictures of him. I must remember to “Like” their page!!!

Anyway; trying something new….speaking Spanish was the first this week…I can now order “dos sangria por favor” and “dos piña colada por favor” – and the generally simple greetings. However; this happened last time was on the mainlanders Spain – the locals thought I was an actual Spaniard and started asking me questions and requesting random things; bless them though! I now have a tan and look rather Spanish – confusing them! Oh dear!

Another thing I tried was Sushi; yep I did ladies and gents, I have finally got the chance to try Sushi – alas it was only a very small piece with only a thin slice of red pepper inside the rice. It was very nice; now I need to pluck the courage to try a “fish” Sushi…I will keep you all posted with that one!

I am now a HUGE fan of Aloe Vera!!! Mum and I went a day trip out to one of the local Aloe Vera companies – Aloe Plus Lanzarote – FABULOUS! We loved it there; mum now wants to grow it home and I want to use it in anything and everything! You can eat the inside of the leaf…yep you read that right, you can eat the inside! The pure gel can be used for anything!! We so need this plant!!

Previously on Bloglovin’


I am also on BlogLovin’ (are you following us on there?) and I follow some TEFL blogs there. The I-to-I blog posted this: Long Distance Relationships

I read it and thought that I must get myself organised! I already have a Skype account; I will need to get mum one and teach her how to you it. I am not going to get her on Facebook or Twitter – I think that the sites would be a little too much for her to handle!

My brother works from home and uses Skype for work; he works for an American company here in the UK; so all is okay on that front.

As for my friends; I found that most of my friends are who I have as “friends” on Facebook are people I see at work or I met while away at Uni. Facebook will be the best way to keep them posted about my TEFL adventures. That is one of the reasons why I created the page for this blog (have you ‘liked’ it yet?!).

I have also got an Instagram account; see the images at the side of this blog. I know that when I am abroad more pictures will appear on there. Are you following me on Instagram – JemmaJH is the username…

So I think that I am a little more organised with the communication methods I need to have while teaching abroad. All I need now is go abroad…I better get back to my studies! I am almost there!!