Zero To Hero – Day 21: Calming Classroom

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Today’s assignment: publish a follow-up post inspired by your post from Day Nineteen. If applicable, publicize it on a social network.

Today’s assignment is to post something similar to Day 19; however I would love to be able to post a Audio File…I decided to find it on YouTube and post that. I have already posted many posts with Videos in.



I have always wanted to try playing music in the background of a class; when I was a child in Primary School one of my teachers had music playing and once a week we had a form of meditation. I felt wonderful afterwards; but then I was about ten or eleven?!

Has anyone else experienced having music played in the background of their classroom or have tried it? I have many CDs of ‘relaxation’ and ‘meditation’ music (as I meditate myself daily) and I would love to know what you all thought?

Idea 110: Using ‘Pears in Pairs’ in Class

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I have never seen this game before; I wonder how much it will be…

New Horizon 1 Speaking +1- Hot Phone!


What a fab idea…adding to my lesson plan ideas! Many thanks for sharing!!

An Easy Distance

Do you have to create a speaking activity for a basic phone conversation? Out of ideas? Tired of memorization and fill-in the blanks? Here’s a fun idea to spruce up your classes’ phone conversations. I used this activity seven times, and it was wonderful each time. Students had fun, and the fifty minutes just flew by. Plus it involves almost no preparation on your part. It is possible to adapt this activity to New Horizon 2 Speaking +2 and New Horizon 3 Speaking +1 and +4 as well.

45 to 50 minutes

Purpose: To get your kids speaking, to learn the grammar point “Hello. This is …” and to get them to have fun so they forget that speaking is scary.

Prep: Two “phones” labeled “A” and “B.” You can use two toy cell phones or do what I did, make your own cut outs from cardboard (preferably red, which…

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Some hints & tips I have found…


Today is very quiet here at work; and I have signed up to do TWO more Specialist Modules – Teaching in China and Thailand…I should start them either tomorrow or at the weekend.

However, as it is so quiet I thought that I would read some posts on the i-to- Chalkboard (I love the name for the forum…makes me smile everytime I read it); I thought that I would create a “Things to Remember” list for myself and have it here on my TEFL blog…what do you think? Good idea or not?

Here is what I have found:

“Take extra money; just in case it takes a while for the school to pay me”

oliverml mentioned this on his blog on the site; I will need to save up some more cash…

“Internet Access in China”

AnnElliott asked a question about this; I have heard many rumours about not being able to access certain websites like Facebook and LinkedIn…but I will keep looking out to see if the rumours are true or not…

“Teaching over Skype”

I have recently joined a Pen Pal site ( and I mentioned on my profile that I am a TEFL teacher; one of the new friends I have made as asked me to help her via Skype…I want to but I have had no voice for the last few days as I have been ill. It is coming back slowly. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? any tips?