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Over the last few days, after writing “HiOffer – a new beginning?” I have found that I am truly missing out on the TEFL/ExPat lifestyle. So, to persuade my mind even more, I have been reading the i-to-i blog. It is full of testimonials, tips, hints and real life experiences of current or former i-to-i graduates. This also does not help that I was speaking with an British man, who had just returned from over years in the Philippines. He was passionate that I should go and live my dream (as he put it). ‘Go, teach in China’ – that is all he said as he left me thinking.

I have been focusing on the the internship posts – Internship in ChinaInternship in Thailand and Internship in Vietnam

There are many posts about the three internships; but this one struck me the most –  5 Reasons to go on the Vietnam Intership – I was surprised on what i-to-i classed as the five reasons to go. Being a bit of a culture junkie; I would have written about the culture and the food – however, I am always thinking of food. It is what gets me through the day.

Currently i-to-i are having a “Save 50% off Paid Internships” sale. Vietnam is £595 and both China and Thailand are £971.25 – however, this is only until 28th April.

It is a shame that I do not have the cash ready to pay for my spot…

Supportive Family?!


Today I have been talking to my family; it is my sister in law’s birthday and we were spending some time together, about about doing the internship with i-to-i TEFL to Thailand. Firstly, they were all happy for me that I had *finally* (in their eyes) a decision. Then they asked about how I would get into the internship…I explained the process and the price. This was when they thought that i-to-i was not a legitimate company because I was paying to go on an internship. I directed my brother to the website; as I do with any inquiry about the company or any of the programmes that they have created. He saw the price for the current intake for Thailand and was shocked. I explained that I would get a reduced rate as I was already qualified (I am hoping that is still the case?!). I would need to pay the price given time and then I would need to organise my flights.

This was when he began to fully understand what was happening. However, my mum not so much. All she had to say was that I needed to pay off all my debts before I went! What does she think I have been doing for the last four/five years while I have been studying?!

On a brighter note; I have given up on Vinted as nothing was selling. I am going to donate all the items I had on there to a local charity. My Starbucks card collection is slowly going; which is a relief as it was taking up too much space (there are still some cards there if you are a collector?!). I am now reading more as it is now the Easter holidays here in the UK. I want to read as many books as possible and then I can sell them on (or BookCross them on, I haven’t decided on that yet!).

Also on April 1st, the first Camp NaNoWriMo of the year starting. I have currently decided to write more of my novel that I started in 2011; but recently I have been thinking about creating a book or resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Has anyone else done this? I have looked around on Teachers Pay Teachers and seen what people have created and what they charge – it could be a possibility in the future. I will need to do some more research.

I just want to know that dates for the October intake now for Thailand. So, I know how much I need to get sorted as I don’t want to be rushing at the last moment!

How much is the Internship…

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I have been wondering how much the China Internship actually is…I know that we will have to have about £600 for visas and cash for “living” until the allowance kicks in. Does anyone know that answer? I want to apply for the August intake; but I need to know how much money I will need to pay out before I head out…

I have found that flights to Shanghai vary; flying from any London based airport it varies from £589 to over £800, but if I flew from East Midlands (which is closer and I prefer it more) it would be over £1000. Flying from Manchester is in the middle of the two prices. I have been research return flights – August 20 to January 15 – this is the dates stated on the internship information. I know that the money I will receive during the Internship is not much, but I want to make a difference. Living is cheap in China; unless I buy Western food…

What do we all think?

2014 has begun…


Well, everyone…firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I hope that all of you had a nice festive period. It flew past too quickly for my liking. In a previous post I wrote that I had bought myself two more modules from i-to-i; currently I have 73 days left to complete them. *screams quietly*

Also I have decided to apply for the China Internship; after thinking about it a lot last night. I know that working with Deaf children is amazing; I love to see them achieve when they have learnt something new and exciting – I know that I will get the same feeling when I am teaching abroad.

I have gone through my old emails and found that august last year (as in 2013), I requested some information about the Internship in China – I printed it off, read it and made notes! On one email there was a link to this video:

It has been created by and I also read i-to-i’s blog post ; it is dated 2011, but I thought that it is still a good thing to read it. It has helped me a lot with making my decision. I am so going to send her postcards from China; if…no I should say WHEN I get to China.

I work with Julie; she is also TEFL qualified and she applied to work in Africa just over a year ago – she has also been helping me. She and I have used our TEFLing skills when it comes to doing group work with our Deaf children. It is funny how we can both make a lesson from just the topic. ‘Winging it’ is what we have been told that is…I called it using my TEFL knowledge and applying to my current job.

I have nothing to lose! My current job I can always come back to if need be; as Signers to help Deaf children in their schools are always needed. I have not home to worry about; nor family (as in my own – mum is retiring, it will save her some cash and my brother has a family of his own) to hold me back. I do volunteer with Girlguiding UK; but as mum is retiring (we both work in the same group) I have lost the excitement for it. I have been doing it since I was 18; with two and a bit years off when I was away at University; I could have grown out of it really…I may never know!