Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of Living In… Japan


Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of Living In… Japan.

Japan is amongst the most popular TEFL destinations in the world, and apart from being an extremely exciting place to visit, there’s generally a high demand for teachers in the area. Along with Korea and Taiwan, the average salaries are amongst the highest you can earn TEFLing anywhere in the world!

Japan is one of the places on my list of countries; it is the culture and the colours of the land that is attracting me…I saw this post on the and I want to share it with all of you


Food?! Glorious Food?!

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I have never tried Sushi; never! I am little worried about trying it. It may be the thought of raw fish; but it is not like I would be eating a WHOLE fish! I know that there are Sushi with Veggies in them; what is that called?!

I would love to try Thai Curry; but what is the different between Red and Green Thai Curries?

I want to try some different Asian food before I head out there…are they any food ideas I could do at home? I know that what I make will be completely different than the authentic dish.

I do wonder about my nut allergy; would I have to splash out on Western food or risk getting ill?! I don’t know anyone who has the same allergy as me and have travelled to Asia. I know that Peanut oil is used there. Are EpiPens even used in Asia?!

105 hours and counting…


Well, hello everyone!

Firstly I am sorry for not posting; my current job is taking up a lot of my time – well; any jobs does that doesn’t it?! I have had time to do another 5 hours of TEFL training – Teaching in Japan module. It was very interesting. I have also been reading “Essential TEFL” by the wonderful people at i-to-i TEFL, it has kept me same through the hard days.

I am going to do the Teaching in China module next; as that is another place I think I need to get myself connected to!

I have finished the Hong Kong travel book; I need to buy it if I get a place in HK. It may be £15.99 but it is worth it!!

Doing more…


Well, I have done it! Just bought the “Teaching in Japan” specialist module from i-to-i TEFL. It is only 5 hours; but I will be able to do it quickly, well I hope to!
Has anyone else done this module? What do you think of it?

I have already done the test; got 85% (go me!!) but the assignment is what is getting me down. I want to write more than the 150 words that the answers are requesting.

I will doing the “Teaching in China” module too and then compare the two modules. I know that I would be welcome and comfortable in Asia as I will become healthier and happier within myself.

My sister-in-law, Jo, was talking to me about what I am going to do when my mom retires from Guiding (Girl Scouts in the UK) in April next year. To be honest I don’t know, I don’t know if I could continue without her. I want to save my cash and sell all my crafts – Handmade Crafts & Cards @ Etsy – I have I get some cash together.