Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of Living In… Japan


Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of Living In… Japan.

Japan is amongst the most popular TEFL destinations in the world, and apart from being an extremely exciting place to visit, there’s generally a high demand for teachers in the area. Along with Korea and Taiwan, the average salaries are amongst the highest you can earn TEFLing anywhere in the world!

Japan is one of the places on my list of countries; it is the culture and the colours of the land that is attracting me…I saw this post on the and I want to share it with all of you


Should I try and learn the language before I go?

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Today I have been meeting some old University friends and I have been thinking about how different we all are. As in some of us have “grown up” much quicker and have found peace within ourselves. I am one of them; as I have improved myself by doing my TEFL qualification. I know that if I learnt the language; well have a try at learning the language. I have been thinking about learning Chinese; which dialect I have not decided yet as I don’t fully know which area I am going.

Have you ever thought of getting the basic of a language before you headed off on your TEFL adventure?! Is it worth it? I bet that it would make the settling in process easier if I did at least learn the basics. Actually I know that it would help me settle in; as I would be able to find out what “nut allergy” is and be able to read it on the packets!