Good News!!!!


The post I have just checked my Online course at i-to-i TEFL and I have completed my final (well, I don’t think that it will be my absoult final module) module.

I am SO HAPPY!!! I am now at 130 hours; and I can do the last 10 hours (it will be the last 20 hours) on the Internship or I can do another 10 hour module.

Well, I am now on my way now! I am SUPER excited now!!

One more module down…



Here is a section of certificate for my China Specialist Module…all excited! I am SO happy that I passed it second time around. I needed to add some more information and some examples on how I would boost my students confidence. I found a couple of videos uploaded by that I REALLY want to try out:

I am not a fan of loud noises; but it does look like a lot of fun…has anyone tried this teaching technique?

I am currently at…..drum roll please…

120 HOURS!!!

Yippie! I still have ten hours to go with Audio & Video Lessons module!

How am I doing!?


Hey everyone; sorry that I have not done much of my own blogging recently; I have been trying to find ways of raising some cash ready for my TEFL adventures (did you see what I did there?? hee hee); I am currently writing some “Houries” for People Per Hour – as anyone got any experience of “selling themselves” on this site? I have completed one job on there; but it was a book review and it did not take me as long to complete as I first thought…

I currently do Kleeneze to raise some funds; but I am thinking about stopping it as it is costing me more to do the job than making money from it. I have looked at Infinity Downline and Scentsy ; I have done Avon and I did not like it. I have even thought about Yankee Candles as I LOVE Yankee Candles and I know that I could sell them everyday of the week! I just wonder how I become a Distributor of them?!

Anyway; enough about how I am going to fund my adventures – how about in my TEFL studies? How am I doing?!

Well, on Friday I sent of my second attempt at my China Specialist Certificate assignment; fingers crossed I will have passed this time. I now have to wait until Monday for a tutor to mark it and return it to me. As I wait; I have FINALLY started on my “How to Teach Audio and Video Lessons” course; it is another 10 hours course. Hopefully I can complete it quicker than the other 10 hours course I have done in the past.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (and another Webinar done…)


Firstly, I want to wish China a Happy New Year; Welcome to the Year of the Horse. Let’s hope that this year good well!

I love what Google have done for today:

Google - Chinese New YearI have only added the logo from the front page; how cute is that?

On the 29th I attended another i-to-i webinar ran by the funny Maire Crawford. The webinar was on Teaching One to One; I have done this webinar before but I felt that a refresher was needed. AS some of you may already know, I am currently working in a High School with Deaf children however, there is a high population of EAL students. I feel that I know that I could help them as well as working with my Deaf students. Some of the EAL students do come to me when they see me in any of their lessons; I am flattered that they feel they can come to me when they don’t understand what is happening in the class. I know that this webinar will not only help me with my Deaf students but with the EAL students too.

I would like to do some Online Teaching before I head abroad; do you think that is a good idea? People Per Hour may be a good idea right?

On the lighter side; I have been looking at some (more) videos of places I want to teach in…I found these videos about China that I thought I would share:

The World’s Biggest Chinese Restaurant!!! I really want to try this place out; I wonder how much it costs for a single person to eat there?!

(I may have already posted this video; but I could not remember or not…)


This is the first lesson of SooperFlexx; it looks amazing. The comment on the video on YouTube were an interesting read too.

Also today I rang I-to-I to discuss with them the Internship to China…

thumbs up

…I am REALLY keen now! Tom the  nice young man I spoke to this afternoon was very helpful. He settled my worries about the cost of doing the Internship – the more I-to-I TEFL Modules I do, the cheaper it will become. Excellent news right? I am so happy! I am now trying to find MORE ways of saving the cash, as I would have to paid for the Internship in one payment. Not the best thing for me, but I am willing to try!


Bought myself a present…


Yep; I have been naughty! I have gone and bought myself two more Specialist Modules from i-to-i:


I want the best chance of getting a fantastic job!! In my head; more qualifications bigger and better chances!! Also I need your help people; what “big” module should I do next?


I only have three left to do…which one should I do next?!