Teaching in Vietnam: Module Review


flag_map_of_greater_vietnamBeing a fan of Asia; when I saw this module being advertised on the I-to-I TEFL website – I was excited! The Teaching in Vietnam module was amazing! I found the Culture section of the module the most interesting. This section inspired me to buy the Lonely Planet Travel Guide; which I have read and marked some pages I want to research more. I have also looked into the Vietnam Internship.

I did not realise that Vietnamese food is one of the most varied and delicious cuisines anywhere. It’s a melting pot (sorry, for the pun!) of influences from the country’s foreign rulers. I also did not realise that eating is a social ritual in Vietnam. Meals comprise a number of dishes, served in no particular order, placed in the centre of the table to be shared by diners. I will have to be careful with my Nut Allergy when I am out there.

If you are thinking about teaching in Asia; adding this module to your resume will be a good idea!


Teaching in Italy: Module Review


2000px-italy_looking_like_the_flag-svg The Teaching in Italy; the specialist teaching module from I-to-I TEFL was very enjoyable. It states that it is only a five hour long module; however, just to my current work commitments it took me a little longer than I expected! I am glad about this. I passed the module in August 2015. I found that the module was packed full of information about teaching in Italy. I found that the questions were similar to the ones I had answered before in my other Specialist TEFL Modules with I-to-I.

There were some surprises throughout the module; which I liked. I love the structure of the module as you can jump back and front through module!

I would recommend this module if you want to teach in Europe; even if you think that you already know about Italy!

Super excited – there are more courses!!!


After the completed my Teaching English Online course; i-to-i have brought out another three courses – Teaching in Vietnam, Teaching in Poland and Teaching in Italy. Each of the courses are only 5 hours and £11.00 each! Fantastic is all I can say. I have never thought about teaching in Italy. I really need to add these courses to my TEFL repertoire – I believe that the more I have learn the more I can give. Do you all agree?

This weekend I am attending a TEFL Recruitment event in London that has been organised by TEFL.org.uk. I very excited about going. I have printed off copies of my up to date CV ready to give off to any potential recruiters and I have got all my lunch ready and sorted. I am going to be going down by train. It is not far from my house to London. It will be the first time I have ever attended this type of event. I will keep you all posted. I am looking forward to it; I am wondering what is going to happen there. I am ready whatever will happy. I am positive!

A little piece of news…

Comment 1 Standard

I have heard back from MEDDEAS…that have sent me a Preference Form to complete and return it them. I am very excited about the idea of moving away and living in Spain. I choose to start September 2015; this will give me time to actually print off and download LOADS of resources ready to use with the students. This will also give me enough time to sort my finances and save money for life abroad. I know that I am being a little presumption; but I have decided to stay positive and have the dream of achieving all I can achieve.

I have downloaded from Mind Snacks the Spanish version of their Language App; I just hope that the SmartPhone with behave and allow me to actually ‘play’ the games and learn Spanish.

One of my helpers at my Guide unit is studying Spanish and I think it is great how she can swap from English to Spanish with ease. This reminds me of myself with my Sign Language; as I am always switching between the two. I wonder if I will continue to do that when I am teaching abroad. I will keep you all posted with that…

I cannot believe that we have broken up for the October Half Term today for a whole week; I am looking forward to the time off. This is due to having to plan for my NaNoWriMo novel which I will be completing during the thirty days of November. I am aiming to complete it; well at least the fourth chapter anyway.

I am going to splash out and buy myself a 32GB memory stick (and in the future buy an external hard drive) to store all my Resources upon. I know how much a teacher collects over the year with resources, mark books, displays etc.; I can always create my own if I cannot find what I am looking for, can’t I?

I have ‘bought’ (well it is in my cart ready to buy on pay day) the next two Specialist Modules I have not completed at i-to-i TEFL. Advanced Grammar TEFL Certificate is the last Specialist Module I have left to do…I think I will use that as a reward for completing NaNoWriMo…good idea right?!

Good News!!!!


The post I have just checked my Online course at i-to-i TEFL and I have completed my final (well, I don’t think that it will be my absoult final module) module.

I am SO HAPPY!!! I am now at 130 hours; and I can do the last 10 hours (it will be the last 20 hours) on the Internship or I can do another 10 hour module.

Well, I am now on my way now! I am SUPER excited now!!

How do you write….


Hey everyone;

I have a question for you all:

How do you write a lesson plan using this information? (I am aiming at Intermediate/Advanced Students)

Bermuda Triangle

Label the stages of your lesson plan and be sure to include the following information:

What activities would you do before you have the students watch the video?
What vocabulary would you pre-teach and why? (Please list at least 6 words and explain your choices)
What ‘while viewing’ tasks would you use in your first viewing of the video?
What ‘while viewing tasks’ would you use in your second viewing of the video?
What post viewing tasks could you use? Please mention at least 3.

Here is how I have written it:


What activities would you do before you have the students watch the video?

As a class we could carry out a brief discussion on the topic of the Bermuda Triangle; if need be watch a piece of the video. We could also brainstorm some vocabulary what we all may think will be used within the video.

What vocabulary would you pre-teach and why? (Please list at least 6 words and explain your choices)

The vocabulary I would probably pre-teach would be:

  • any technical terms used within the video (Naval terms – hands, dead reckoning, military ranks)
  • wallowing
  • perished
  • reputation
  • deceptively
  • unexpectedly

I have chosen these six words/terms because the students could use most of the words when using their written work. The technical terms not as much in “everyday life” but it would help them understand who was who throughout the video


What ‘while viewing’ tasks would you use in your first viewing of the video?

I would ask them to think how they would feel if they were in the Bermuda Triangle; make some notes if possible.  Students can fill in the blanks with vocabulary they heard in the pre-viewing tasks or the students can listen for examples of grammatical structures and note them down.

What ‘while viewing tasks’ would you use in your second viewing of the video?

I would ask the students to now ‘think out of the box’ and write down what they would have done in that situation


What post viewing tasks could you use? Please mention at least 3.

Language Use:

I would get the students to write a ‘diary entry’ for one of the characters within the video – if needed; give them an example or a template to complete


I could get the students to complete a project to find more information on the Bermuda Triangle using the internet. Finding any stats or images.


I could ask the students can be asked to draw characters from the video or ask them to create a character that was upon the boat.

One more module down…



Here is a section of certificate for my China Specialist Module…all excited! I am SO happy that I passed it second time around. I needed to add some more information and some examples on how I would boost my students confidence. I found a couple of videos uploaded by that I REALLY want to try out:

I am not a fan of loud noises; but it does look like a lot of fun…has anyone tried this teaching technique?

I am currently at…..drum roll please…

120 HOURS!!!

Yippie! I still have ten hours to go with Audio & Video Lessons module!

Working, Working, Working…


While I have internet connection, I thought that I would download some episodes of one of my favourite TV shows – Stargate SG-1. I have watched all episodes from all ten series. But I thought that I would probably not be able to use iTunes if I was teach in Asia. I wonder if I could use an episode (or maybe a few) in a lesson…but I know almost every word so it could happen.

While the episodes are downloading, I decided that I needed to finish my Specialist Modules – Teaching in Thailand and Teaching in China. Out of the Destination Modules I will only have Teaching in South Korea left to do. I have never thought about South Korea; but I have received many postcards via Postcrossing from Korea – it looks lovely there. Have any of you guys been there or are working there? Are any of you on Postcrossing? If so, do you use the cards in your lessons? For pronunciation of countries or cities? That was what I would do with some of my cards…let me know what you think?

I have often wonder what the food would be like; I mean in Thailand. Is it similar to Chinese and Japanese food or is it the pole opposite? I have to be carefully with what I eat; things cooked in Nut Oil (of any kind) is a big no no for me! I also wonder if the travel insurance companies cover for a stint in hospital because of an allergic reaction?? Answers on a postcard people…

In the Module, I am currently at “Why Thais need English?” – As like many other countries, Thailand wants to participate actively in the international business world, for which English is essential. However, Thais also have an added need for English due to the large number of foreigners coming to their country. This is something I have never really thought of; then I have to think back to my “Leo days” (when I was a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio) and to Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason – I would not want anything like these events to happen to me. If I know that I could teach English so the people of Thailand could communicate and understand English, I would be a happier person.

I have now got “Like a Virgin” in my head; thanks Bridget Jones!

Teaching in Spain…


In my last post I mentioned IC Bilbao and that I follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I am glad that I have bought (and I am now doing) the Teaching in Spain Specialist Module by the wonderful people at I-to-I, I am really enjoying it. I have decided that if I attended IC I would have the possibility to learn Spanish. I am happy to learn Spanish.

I have been searching for things I could do with the students when I start teaching…I found this video:

What do you all think? I think it is so cute…