TEFL TV – happy bunny? Possibly!

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While waiting for a meeting with my head of department this morning; I thought that I would cheer myself up by watching some of the videos that I received as part of the TEFL TV videos from i-to-I TEFL. I am such a happy bunny that I got these videos as I would that I am able to watch them whenever or wherever I want. I would love to be able to have them on my iPod; I will need to experiment and see if that is possible. It would be good to be able to watch them while on the plane while I travel. I love using Public Transport; I know that it is sometimes the best way to get around places. However; it is not cheap in many places.

When I downloaded the videos I put them into different sections – Games & Activities, Grammar, Listening, Personal Development, Pronunciation, Reading, Speaking, Teaching Techniques, Vocabulary and Writing. Each video is only a few minutes long; but I feel that they are invaluable for any TEFL teacher. I have used some of the techniques and lesson examples when I have been working with my current students. I do love the videos; the teachers that are conducting the ‘lessons’ make me feel that I could do the same. I wonder if that is the whole idea of the videos; to give a newbie TEFL teacher, like myself the confidence to carry out English lessons. I do believe in myself that I will teach at the same level as them.

I was hoping that watching the videos would keep my in a positive mind and I would be relaxed during the meeting; however, this was not the case. I was offered some money; but it was not as much as it was predicted. We were told that this may be the case; but my offer was must lower than predicted. I have asked my manager to ask why it is so low and to get back to me. The meeting was concluded within fifteen minutes as I had to make a decision on if I was going to accept the offer or not during the meeting. As the offer was not as high as I wished; I declined the offer – concluding the meeting. Now; I am sitting in my workplace during my lunch break feeling all down and a little depressed. I should really be eating my lunch but I do not feel like eating.

The videos did cheer me up; but after leaving the meeting a feeling all down in the dumps. I need to stay positive and keep smiling. I know that seeing the faces of the children after they have been out to play and eating their lunch will make me happy again. It has been over a week since I last saw them.

Don’t hurt my feelings [Reblog]


Relax! Speak English; many thanks for sharing this post. It is always good to have examples of what a TEFL teacher can do with their classes. I hope that it is okay that I have reblogged this on my blog. What do you all think of these examples? I hope to use them in my classes in the future.

Relax! Speak English

1) Look at these feelings. Are they positive, negative or neutral? Try to use them in the following sentences:

cheerful, confused, content, ecstatic, envious, frustrated, grateful, indifferent, miserable, moody


1. After such a wonderful meal, we all felt________

2. Joe is_____________towards the suffering of other people. It looks like he doesn’t care at all.

3. I’d be very __________ if you could help me with my homework.

4. Bob’s new girlfriend is extremely_______ you never know whether she’s going to smile or cry.

5. Jane has to work seven days a week. She feels _________ towards people who have the weekend off.

6. It’s been raining almost every day this summer. Everyone feels_____________

7. Jim was absolutely_____________when he won the lottery.

8. My cousin has been trying to pass her driving test for over two years. She feels very_______

2) Match the ordinary feelings on the right…

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Interviewing For China…

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Well, today I have just conduced my second interview for a TEFL Teacher Recruitment company in China. I was nervous at first and worried that my second interview would be similar to my first. The first interview went okay; I had to be in the upper part of my house to get a better reception and I was only able to see part of my interviewers face. I am wondering if this is common practice when interviewing for jobs in China.

Both interviews took place in their Beijing offices; which were a little noisy at the start. There is a large time difference between here in the UK and in Beijing. Beijing is seven hours ahead of me and I had to conduct both my interviews in the morning. The first interview took place at 9am GMT; which made it 4pm CST (China Standard Time). It was also the end of the day for them. I must remember this whenever I call home when I start teaching in Asia. The second interview was supposed to start at 7am/2pm but on the confirmation email I was sent 8am/3pm – which I preferred. However; this was not passed on to the person who called me (on Skype) at around 7am. I think that there was a confusion of the Time Zone converting. I use the clock on my laptop; I have set it up to have Beijing as one of the Time Zones. I will change this depending on where I move to.

UntitledI was sent some material to use for my second interview; two eBooks and some information on what I was to do. I found tis rather difficult as I thought that on the information I would be given an age group or level to work with. The books I felt were aimed at Elementary level and for young children. I had to create at least one activity to do and it should last for about 20 minutes. I could only use three pages from the book – I would have preferred to use the whole book as that would have made the reading exercise easier. I decided that I was going to pretend that the second interviewer was one of my current four year old students. When it was time for the interview; she asked me ‘how old I wanted her to be?’ – Elementary and around 4 to 5 years old. I chose the book “Visiting Grandma and Grandpa”.

I found this interview very hard; as the interviewer took her role seriously. Only one word answers and not much facial expressions. Working with younger children you want to be able to get them to hold and see the book better or even reading it with them. Only using three pages was hard. I ended up using four – I had turned them into flash cards to help with the “having the book experience” . Fingers crossed it worked!

At this very moment in time; I have not received any information or details about if I was successful or not. After my first interview, the person who had organised the interview with me contacted me and told me that I had passed and would be moving onto the second interview. It has almost been an hour since I finished my interview and I have had nothing. I have this feeling I will not hear anything until tomorrow now. As the office in Beijing must be closed for the day. I’ll keep you all posted with this.


Wordle Wednesday: Home


Home is a very important place for most people; as it is a place where we eat and sleep. It is a place that is close to our hearts; as our families are there. Most people spent most of their time in their home. It is a place where we all like to sit and relax.

Here is this week’s “Wordle Wednesday” word cloud and it is all about ‘Home’


Words used:

air conditioner, appliances, attic, awning, back door, baluster, backyard, barbecue, baseboard, basement, bathroom, bathtub, beam, bedroom, blinds, broom, bunk bed, Carpet, carport, ceiling, cellar, chimney, closet, clothes dryer, clothes washer, column, concrete, cornice, counter, crib, cupboard, curtain rod, curtains, dining room, dish washer, doggie door, doghouse, door, door bell, doorknob, door jamb, doorway, dormer window, downstairs, drain, drapes, driveway, dryer, duct, dustpan, Eaves, electrical outlet, electrical system, entrance, family room, fan, faucet, fence, fenced yard, fireplace, floor, foundation, frame, front door, front stoop, furnace, furniture, fuse box, Gable, garage, garage door, garage door opener, garbage can, garden, garden shed, gate, girder, greenhouse, gutters, Hall, hall closet, hallway, hamper, heater, hinge, home, hose, house, Inglenook, insulation, Jamb, Key, kitchen, Ladder, lamp, lanai, laundry, laundry room, lawnmower, library, light, light switch, linen closet, lintel, living room, lock, loft, lumber, Mailbox, mantle, mat, mirror, mop, Newel, nook, nursery, Overhang, Painting, panelling, pantry, patio, picture, picture frame, plumbing, pool, porch, Quilt, Railing, rake, range, recreation room, roof, room, rug, Sash, screen door, shed, shelf, shelves, shingle, shower, shutters, siding, sill, sink, skylight, sliding glass door, soffit, steps, staircase, stairs, stairway, stoop, storage shed, storm door, stove, swimming pool, Threshold, throw rug, toilet, trash can, trellis, trim, tub, Upstairs, vacuum cleaner, Venetian blinds, Vase, vent, Wainscoting, walkway, wall, wall-to-wall carpet, washer, washing machine, waste basket, water heater, welcome mat, window, window pane, window sill, wood stove

If you want a copy of any “Wordle Wednesday” you are more than welcome to use them; just head over to the “Wordle Wednesday Album” on the FB Page! Remember to ‘Like’ the page, if you have not already done so.

How am I doing!?


Hey everyone; sorry that I have not done much of my own blogging recently; I have been trying to find ways of raising some cash ready for my TEFL adventures (did you see what I did there?? hee hee); I am currently writing some “Houries” for People Per Hour – as anyone got any experience of “selling themselves” on this site? I have completed one job on there; but it was a book review and it did not take me as long to complete as I first thought…

I currently do Kleeneze to raise some funds; but I am thinking about stopping it as it is costing me more to do the job than making money from it. I have looked at Infinity Downline and Scentsy ; I have done Avon and I did not like it. I have even thought about Yankee Candles as I LOVE Yankee Candles and I know that I could sell them everyday of the week! I just wonder how I become a Distributor of them?!

Anyway; enough about how I am going to fund my adventures – how about in my TEFL studies? How am I doing?!

Well, on Friday I sent of my second attempt at my China Specialist Certificate assignment; fingers crossed I will have passed this time. I now have to wait until Monday for a tutor to mark it and return it to me. As I wait; I have FINALLY started on my “How to Teach Audio and Video Lessons” course; it is another 10 hours course. Hopefully I can complete it quicker than the other 10 hours course I have done in the past.