Leaving SkimaTalk…



Yes I have finally done it! I was with SkimaTalk since March 2015 and I loved teaching for them. However, they changed their T&Cs – it is their prerogative to do so – but I had to do the Teacher Guideline test TWICE and had to create ANOTHER introduction piece. It seems that they have had some issues. I was hoping to be teaching on a regular basis with SkimaTalk; sadly this is no longer the case. I have been trying to sort “the issues” out since November – alas it has come to nothing.

I have decided to leave SkimaTalk and focus on italki in 2017. I am in the process of scanning all my certificates; as italki have requested them. Very efficient I would say. I am exciting about working with italki and I will also be able to learn American Sign Language and Spanish on the website!

I will keep you all posted about that. I am also going to continue with some of my i-to-i studies. I want to finish the Advanced Grammar course I started last year. There are some new courses since i-to-i joined forces with LoveTEFL. These courses have taken my eye:

Also they have now added a 15 day extension! I am super happy about that!

Wordle Wednesday: Home


Home is a very important place for most people; as it is a place where we eat and sleep. It is a place that is close to our hearts; as our families are there. Most people spent most of their time in their home. It is a place where we all like to sit and relax.

Here is this week’s “Wordle Wednesday” word cloud and it is all about ‘Home’


Words used:

air conditioner, appliances, attic, awning, back door, baluster, backyard, barbecue, baseboard, basement, bathroom, bathtub, beam, bedroom, blinds, broom, bunk bed, Carpet, carport, ceiling, cellar, chimney, closet, clothes dryer, clothes washer, column, concrete, cornice, counter, crib, cupboard, curtain rod, curtains, dining room, dish washer, doggie door, doghouse, door, door bell, doorknob, door jamb, doorway, dormer window, downstairs, drain, drapes, driveway, dryer, duct, dustpan, Eaves, electrical outlet, electrical system, entrance, family room, fan, faucet, fence, fenced yard, fireplace, floor, foundation, frame, front door, front stoop, furnace, furniture, fuse box, Gable, garage, garage door, garage door opener, garbage can, garden, garden shed, gate, girder, greenhouse, gutters, Hall, hall closet, hallway, hamper, heater, hinge, home, hose, house, Inglenook, insulation, Jamb, Key, kitchen, Ladder, lamp, lanai, laundry, laundry room, lawnmower, library, light, light switch, linen closet, lintel, living room, lock, loft, lumber, Mailbox, mantle, mat, mirror, mop, Newel, nook, nursery, Overhang, Painting, panelling, pantry, patio, picture, picture frame, plumbing, pool, porch, Quilt, Railing, rake, range, recreation room, roof, room, rug, Sash, screen door, shed, shelf, shelves, shingle, shower, shutters, siding, sill, sink, skylight, sliding glass door, soffit, steps, staircase, stairs, stairway, stoop, storage shed, storm door, stove, swimming pool, Threshold, throw rug, toilet, trash can, trellis, trim, tub, Upstairs, vacuum cleaner, Venetian blinds, Vase, vent, Wainscoting, walkway, wall, wall-to-wall carpet, washer, washing machine, waste basket, water heater, welcome mat, window, window pane, window sill, wood stove

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