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Relax! Speak English; many thanks for sharing this post. It is always good to have examples of what a TEFL teacher can do with their classes. I hope that it is okay that I have reblogged this on my blog. What do you all think of these examples? I hope to use them in my classes in the future.

Relax! Speak English

1) Look at these feelings. Are they positive, negative or neutral? Try to use them in the following sentences:

cheerful, confused, content, ecstatic, envious, frustrated, grateful, indifferent, miserable, moody


1. After such a wonderful meal, we all felt________

2. Joe is_____________towards the suffering of other people. It looks like he doesn’t care at all.

3. I’d be very __________ if you could help me with my homework.

4. Bob’s new girlfriend is extremely_______ you never know whether she’s going to smile or cry.

5. Jane has to work seven days a week. She feels _________ towards people who have the weekend off.

6. It’s been raining almost every day this summer. Everyone feels_____________

7. Jim was absolutely_____________when he won the lottery.

8. My cousin has been trying to pass her driving test for over two years. She feels very_______

2) Match the ordinary feelings on the right…

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Been inspired by others…

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As some of you know I am not a TEFL teacher; well not a practicing one! I am fully qualified.

I want to VLog my TEFL adventures and I am in need of a video recording and editing programme…do you know of one; please post it below in the comments section.

As for gaining experience as a teacher I am looking for a site or online school that are looking for teachers. Do you know of any site or are you looking for yourself to practice?

In previous posts I have mentioned that I have “advertised myself” at People Per Hour and as of yet nothing has come from it; which has made me rather sad in some way. Are you on PPH?