Zero To Hero – Day 24: Publish a Roundup

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Today’s challenge: publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why we should read your recommendations.

A roundup? What is a roundup? I don’t actually know; as I have never done one! However; WordPress state that “Roundup posts are collections of links to things you love — shouldn’t be the basis of your blogging, but they can be great add-ons. They’re less stressful and time intensive than generating an original post. They open new avenues of conversation. They attract new readers, and are highly share-able.”

This is going to be a hard and lengthy post as there are so many blogs I am currently loving and need you all to read and follow them. Most the blog below are ‘Travel’ or ‘Teaching’ themed; I do apologise for that. As after all this blog is all about my TEFL adventures…

Firstly, I have selected:

Cornish Kylie – Teaching adventures in Thailand

Kylie’s blog was one of the first few blogs based on TEFLing that I started following. Kylie is currently in Thailand; which is one of the places I have been interested in Teaching in. One of the posts that Kylie has written that has stuck in my mind was published on September, 28 2013 – Five for Friday; myths about TEFL teaching. This post has made me think about TEFL teaching more. It was one of the many reasons why I have done the extra modules via i-to-t TEFL.

 Nerd in the Brain

 I have only recently started following Nerd in the Brain; it is a wonderful insight into home schooling. Fab resources and clever ideas for children. I know that I am going to use some of them when I am travelling – especially this idea about NEDs – wonderful for the students’ responsibilities.


Where’s My Backpack

This is another blog I have only recently started following; I love the weekly themes that Ailsa creates…it is good to see what is around the world with the themes! An excellent blog for Photographers to build their portfolio.

2014 has begun…


Well, everyone…firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I hope that all of you had a nice festive period. It flew past too quickly for my liking. In a previous post I wrote that I had bought myself two more modules from i-to-i; currently I have 73 days left to complete them. *screams quietly*

Also I have decided to apply for the China Internship; after thinking about it a lot last night. I know that working with Deaf children is amazing; I love to see them achieve when they have learnt something new and exciting – I know that I will get the same feeling when I am teaching abroad.

I have gone through my old emails and found that august last year (as in 2013), I requested some information about the Internship in China – I printed it off, read it and made notes! On one email there was a link to this video:

It has been created by and I also read i-to-i’s blog post ; it is dated 2011, but I thought that it is still a good thing to read it. It has helped me a lot with making my decision. I am so going to send her postcards from China; if…no I should say WHEN I get to China.

I work with Julie; she is also TEFL qualified and she applied to work in Africa just over a year ago – she has also been helping me. She and I have used our TEFLing skills when it comes to doing group work with our Deaf children. It is funny how we can both make a lesson from just the topic. ‘Winging it’ is what we have been told that is…I called it using my TEFL knowledge and applying to my current job.

I have nothing to lose! My current job I can always come back to if need be; as Signers to help Deaf children in their schools are always needed. I have not home to worry about; nor family (as in my own – mum is retiring, it will save her some cash and my brother has a family of his own) to hold me back. I do volunteer with Girlguiding UK; but as mum is retiring (we both work in the same group) I have lost the excitement for it. I have been doing it since I was 18; with two and a bit years off when I was away at University; I could have grown out of it really…I may never know!

Doing more…


Well, I have done it! Just bought the “Teaching in Japan” specialist module from i-to-i TEFL. It is only 5 hours; but I will be able to do it quickly, well I hope to!
Has anyone else done this module? What do you think of it?

I have already done the test; got 85% (go me!!) but the assignment is what is getting me down. I want to write more than the 150 words that the answers are requesting.

I will doing the “Teaching in China” module too and then compare the two modules. I know that I would be welcome and comfortable in Asia as I will become healthier and happier within myself.

My sister-in-law, Jo, was talking to me about what I am going to do when my mom retires from Guiding (Girl Scouts in the UK) in April next year. To be honest I don’t know, I don’t know if I could continue without her. I want to save my cash and sell all my crafts – Handmade Crafts & Cards @ Etsy – I have I get some cash together.