How am I saving the pennies…


How am I saving the pennies?! Well, I have been selling a lot of my items via eBay and Etsy…I am a bit of a crafter, knitter and all round recycling being! I love to be creative.

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Here are just a few of the things that I have made (and now trying to sell)…I could save collecting plastic bottles to use (see Plastic Cash?!); that may help with transport costs.

I have thought about posting a “Hourie” at People Per Hour; ¬£30 for a Conversational Practice Session in English over Skype; does that sound like a good idea? Has anyone ever done that? Are any of you on People Per Hour?

I have also been thinking about just saving money by opening a Saving Account; however at the present moment in time the rates are not that good and it would take me a while to save up.

I do have a part time job; delivering and collecting catalogues, which most of the time is fun but not in the weather that Britain has currently been suffering from!

The weather…

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Us Brits are known for taking about the weather – ALL THE TIME! Myself included! However; the weather here in the UK is horrid! Just look below:


Towcester (pronounced as toaster) is where I am currently in. I am soggy and my hair is all curly! Not a nice curly; a horrible “not a wave, not a full curl” curls!

However; in China here is what it is like in Shanghai:


Not much better though; but it is in the middle of the night there! I would be asleep (or being merry withy colleagues) in my apartment. Stargazing is something I would be interested in; I wonder if the stars look the same in China as they do here in the UK?!