Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Meeting Places


This week’s Travel theme from Ailsa’s blog – Where’s My Backpack? is Meeting Places and I thought that this would be an excellent time to get back into my “everyday blogging” again; I know that Ailsa does her weekly themed feature as a “meeting place” for all us travel buffs, TEFL teachers and ExPats to relive and remember our traveling times.

Here my post about this week’s Travel Theme; I wonder if you will recognise these “meeting places”?! Some of the images I HAVE NOT taken myself and I have captioned them with where I found them…enjoy everyone! At these places I have met the best people in the world…

From Landscape Institute

Bury Mount, a scheduled ancient monument, has been at the heart of the market town of Towcester since the 11th century. It was originally constructed as a medieval motte and has subsequently been used as a civil war gun emplacement, a 19th century prospect mound and market garden

From Blog Preston

Parks are plentiful in Preston.  Even though the city is known for its historic buildings, nightlife and shopping areas, there are also many beautiful areas of greenery, where residents and visitors can escape from busy city life.

The most well-known parks in Preston are Avenham Park and its partner Miller Park.  They lie side by side on the north bank of the River Ribble, immediately south of Preston City Centre.  These parks were created by the landscape architect Edwards Milner during the 1860’s, during the American Civil war, in order to keep cotton workers employed and to prevent the problems associated with unemployment.




Zero To Hero – Day 24: Publish a Roundup

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Today’s challenge: publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why we should read your recommendations.

A roundup? What is a roundup? I don’t actually know; as I have never done one! However; WordPress state that “Roundup posts are collections of links to things you love — shouldn’t be the basis of your blogging, but they can be great add-ons. They’re less stressful and time intensive than generating an original post. They open new avenues of conversation. They attract new readers, and are highly share-able.”

This is going to be a hard and lengthy post as there are so many blogs I am currently loving and need you all to read and follow them. Most the blog below are ‘Travel’ or ‘Teaching’ themed; I do apologise for that. As after all this blog is all about my TEFL adventures…

Firstly, I have selected:

Cornish Kylie – Teaching adventures in Thailand

Kylie’s blog was one of the first few blogs based on TEFLing that I started following. Kylie is currently in Thailand; which is one of the places I have been interested in Teaching in. One of the posts that Kylie has written that has stuck in my mind was published on September, 28 2013 – Five for Friday; myths about TEFL teaching. This post has made me think about TEFL teaching more. It was one of the many reasons why I have done the extra modules via i-to-t TEFL.

 Nerd in the Brain

 I have only recently started following Nerd in the Brain; it is a wonderful insight into home schooling. Fab resources and clever ideas for children. I know that I am going to use some of them when I am travelling – especially this idea about NEDs – wonderful for the students’ responsibilities.


Where’s My Backpack

This is another blog I have only recently started following; I love the weekly themes that Ailsa creates…it is good to see what is around the world with the themes! An excellent blog for Photographers to build their portfolio.

Zero To Hero – Day 22: Try (Another) Blog Event/Travel Theme: Close Up

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Today is day 22…I cannot believe I have been doing the Zero to Hero programme for 22 days.

Today’s challenge: pick a blogging event from the Blog Event Listings to try for some instant community.

I have seen on Kylie’s blog – Cornish Kylie some posts from Where’s My Backpack; which Ailsa creates weekly travel themed prompts.

I have decided to do close up images of items I use everyday…




Not many photos I know; but I will be doing the next one…