Been doing a lot of thinking…


My current full-time job is within the educational sector and due to the situation that we are all involved in I do not know if I will have a job in September. As the school will only have one “Hearing Impaired” student and will not need to have two communicators. I was supposed to be completing three exams that were going to help me gain access to my Teacher Training course; as all GCSE and A Level exams have been cancelled I will not be able to start my Teacher course.

Due to this, I have been thinking about teaching abroad again. Sadly, PalFish is not working out as much as I thought. This is due not being able to complete my interview – every time I book an interview, I am unable to attend; which is a shame. I am signed up for the newsletter of several TEFL Recruitment websites.


I have been doing a lot of reading on what and where I can go with the qualifications I currently have. Today, I have been researching EF (English First)  and I have been watching (and listening) to all of the information videos. I am rather keen on using this company as it has been active for many years. Also, I have been recommended this company by former EF colleagues.

Have any of you worked with or are currently working with EF? Do you have any tips or even horror stories about this company?

See you all soon!


Brexit – what does it mean for me!?


Some of you may or may not know that I am currently in the UK and soon the Uk will be leaving the European Union (EU). This process is called Brexit. I am going, to be honest with you all; I voted to Remain in the EU – however; the rest of my Country disagreed. I knew that in the future, Visas would be needed for me to travel (and work) within the EU. I know that it will not happen straight away but it WILL happen!

I know that I already have to have Visas for Asia and the Americas – I am not bothered about that – but to go and work in Spain; for example, I will need to apply for a Visa!

Are you worried about what is going to happen?

This is the reason why I have not been teaching or posting about teaching for a while as I know that Visas cost money. I have been looking at getting another Online Teaching job, but I need faster internet – which I currently do not have! Any ideas on what I can do to increase the speed of my internet?


Found some more Blogs!


As you all remember in my last post; What do you all think of Cyprus? Also, in other news!; I told you all about Twitch and the wonderful channel Awkwards Travel – they have inspired me to look around at other Travel Blogs. I wanted to share my findings with you all…

Be My Travel Muse 

Nomadic Matt

Always Wanderlust

The Blonde Abroad

Hey Nadine

View from the Wing

Wandering Earl

A Backpacker’s Tale

What do you all think of Cyprus? Also, in other news!

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Hey everyone;

What a few weeks it has been! I have been away for a few weeks with my Mom in Cyprus. It was amazing! I was job hunting while I was there; however, the level of English within the local community is amazingly high. However; I did find that it was much better within the Hotel and Tourist areas. There is a British School in the town we were staying but there were no vacancies for me! Oh well! I will keep searching…


I have also signed up to the thinkSPAIN website; which sends me email about jobs, accommodation etc from all over Spain. My friend; Chris, who is currently in Spain and has been for almost fours years now, told me that this was a good mailing list to join. I have seen a lot of rental properties – exciting right!?

I have some news about the Russian client I had; I used the word ‘had’. She has not re-booked me since the February Half Term. It is shame really; as I was enjoying my work with her. Not to worry; I will keep plodding along!

I have been feeding my Wanderlust recently – I have found a website called Twitch; where there are people who Stream games; their lives or even their crafting! I have become a member of the “Awkward Family” – I have been watching Awkwards Travel; a beautiful couple (Tallulah, 27, from Canada and her Gaspard, 36, from France) who travel all over the world and stream their adventures.

It is lovely to see where they are travelling and their share the “non-tourist” sights of the country they are in. It is amazing! It is good that they are helping me with my Wanderlust! Big love to G&T! I have been thinking about doing some IRL (In Real Life) streaming – just I’m all nervous. However; I do stream about my Creativeness – I cross stitch! Not that exciting…

Still Searching…



Yes, that is correct! I am still searching. I did have another interview with a recruiter from HiOffer. I am worried that they are checking their database of Teachers; as she was surprised that I am already in their system. I have this horrid feeling that I am missing out somehow.

I have also registered my interest with The Online Teachergiphygiphy and I am very excited to see what happens. I just need to add all my certificates, work experience and employment history.



I am a little behind on Zero to Hero (Days 11, 12 & 13)

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I am a little behind on my Zero To Hero blogging assignments; I am naughty I know. Having only the WP App to work from for the last two weeks has not been the best; finally I have access to a Desktop and the Operating Programme is not up to date (*screams at computer screen*).

Here is what I have been doing:

Day Eleven: Be a Good Neighbour

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

I decided to have a look through my comments and “Blogs I follow” to see who I have not written on their blog…it seems that I have not been the best ‘neighbour’. I remembered that there is a list of the Blogs on the Blog Roll for the Blogging 101 class; I found some of the blogs from there. I commented on these blogs:

  1. Distinctly Denise – Write a Novel? Easier said than done!
  2. Deb’s World – Weekly photo challenge: Letters – a well travelled shopping list
  3. Bungling Housewife – Call Me, Maybe
  4. Soy Allergy Survivor – Helpful Websites and Apps for Food Allergies

Day Twelve: Be Inspired By the Community

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Here is my post based on one of the comments I have made:

Denise at Distinctly Denise was talking about writing a novel; this is too something that I want to do.Well, actually I am in the process of writing a novel. It is aimed at Young Adults. I have writing it since November 2011. How do I know the exact month? Well; every year in November there is an event NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. It is where people can write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. It is very hard and I have taken part every day. The most I ever wrote in 30 days was 38, 897 words. I have tried my hand at different genres of books. There is also two “camps” for NaNoWriMo – Camp NaNoWriMo – I have taken part on most of them too. I have tried to write a Science Fiction novel, Futuristic novel, Historical novel and a Satire/Humour novel. I really enjoyed the Satire/Humour novel. I wrote it as a NaNo pariticipant journalling her experiences. I completed that novel; but in December 2013 and not in the alotted time – oh dear! I hope to publish all my novels (and attempts when completed) onto Kindle Direct Publishing.

Could you all write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? I challenge you this NOVEMBER!!!


Day Thirteen: Build a Better Blogroll

Today’s assignment: share links you love with a widget.


You may already seen that I have a “few” widgets (but unable to edit or more them around – I had a comment about it on Zero To Hero – Day Five: Love Your Theme; I have now rectified one of the comments mentioned)

I wonder if there are any more Widgets I could add…I thought about the current weather of the current place I am working it? Has anyone else done something similar? I wonder if there is a You Tube Widget or would I have to use a “Text Widget”? That is something I will need to think of…