Zero To Hero – Day 26: Extend Your Brand


Zero To Hero – Day 26: Extend Your Brand

Today’s assignment: extend your brand with one of the following: a custom Blavatar, a custom image widget, or a Facebook fan page.

Blavatar – I did not know what this was until I followed the steps on the Support Pages; and I did not realise but I already have an image that I am using as my Blavatar – it is the image of my ‘beautiful’ face. So I do not need to create one of them…

Custom Image Widget – I remember created my of images with PhotoShop on my Proboard and InvisionFree forum boards many years ago. I never though about creating some go on the blog…I would if the creator of the theme would be able to do some…I will do some research and find out…

I have already created a “fan page” for the blog on Facebook – I have posted this post as a Link…if you have not ‘Liked’ my page, please feel free to do so…I am happy to “Like” back!

Zero To Hero – Day 23: Make Some Social Calls


Today’s task: visit five other participants in the blogging event you chose yesterday. Leave at least two comments.

During the week, I use my breaks to blog; however it does not allow me to access some of the blogs…Ailsa’s blog – Where’s My Backpack is one of them (I have contacted the ICT department and asked them to “open” access to the blog…)

As you can all see; today’s assignment for Zero To Hero is to visit five participants and I have left two comment. these comments were on:

I find that Ailsa and her blogging themes inspiring…I cannot wait to do more!

My TEFL Adventures Facebook Page

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My TEFL Adventures Facebook Page

Yes; I have done it! I have created a FB page for my humble blog…I am hoping that if you are a member of Facebook and click on the “Like” button; which will spread the word of this little blog.

Crazy I know; but I thought that I would give it a try…

I kind of stole the idea from Kylie